Chill and Coldstores can be installed to any size and temperature requirement.…

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Clean rooms can be installed to any size and temperature requirement.

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Controlled Temperature Environments can be installed to any size and temperature requirement.

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The various composite panels we use for our installations are available with fire ratings up to 4hrs.

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Hygienic Environments
and Cold Storage Construction

P H Insulations has a wealth of experience providing hygienic environments,
coldrooms and coldstorage facilities of any size to the food and medical sectors. Cold Storage Construction

Our services cover all commercial cold room and chiller room applications, from bespoke large-scale facilities, to modular freezer and refrigeration cold rooms. P H Insulations provides bespoke & modular hygienic, chill, coldrooms and cold storage construction of any size to food, beverage & medical sectors.

We have the expertise to construct and maintain all kinds of cold and chill applications, from large chill store complexes for fresh produce processing and packing, food processing areas, beverage manufacture, medical and pharmaceutical production facilities; to modular units for butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets and delicatessens, also for farm-scale food production and packaging – such as dairy and cheese.

In addition to manufacturing for coldroom facilities, we also create temperature controlled environments and clean rooms for a wide spectrum of industry sectors, including laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hygienic packaging, computer-rooms, and more. Our services include:

Chill and coldstores of any size – including fire-rated specifications

Fire-rated and non-combustible panels and panel-work, including compartmentalising of existing facilities

Clean rooms

Cost effective high insulation external cladding

Temperature controlled environments – computer rooms, etc.

Modular freezers and refrigeration cold rooms

Fire rated and standard doors in a food safe finish

Sliding doors for insulated applications, either manually or automatically operated

Hinged doors for insulated applications, single or double action, and thin-blade crash doors

Cold Storage Construction

Our expertise is supported by an extensive manufacturing unit with the latest plant and equipment, coupled with modern design and installation techniques. P H Insulations’ services are backed by a stock of the most common sheet materials, fixing, sealants, and more. By manufacturing parts ourselves rather than depending upon external providers, we can maintain project deadlines, and respond quickly to maintenance demands.


Chill & Coldstores

P.H. Insulations manufactures and maintains chill and cold room facilities to meet all kinds of applications. Our chill and coldstores can be specified to any size and temperature to meet your requirement and the rigorous legislative demands upon the food and medical industries.

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clean roms

Clean Rooms

We install insulated clean rooms of an size and to any temperature-holding requirement. Our clean room construction expertise extends from small, modular units, to large facilities, and includes retrofitting existing premises with clean rooms to the required specification.

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fire rated

Fire Rated Panelworks

P. H. Insulations offers fire rated and non-combustible panelworks using a variety of composite panels. Options include PIR insulated panels fire rated up to 1 hour; and increasingly, mineral wool panels – which offer insulation with a fire rating of up to 4 hours for walls.

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Chill & Coldstores

Controlled Environments

We design, install and maintain temperature controlled environments of almost any size and specification. Our experience extends through chill and coldstores, fire-rated compartment walls, fire-rated oven enclosures and temperature controlled production areas.

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