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Paul Howarth, Managing Director of P.H. Insulations Limited, established the company in July 1998,
based upon his experience within the industry gained since 1971.

Since then the company has generated a successful and extensive portfolio of providing hygienic environments and cold storage facilities that meet the rigorous legislative requirements of the food and medical industries. We have completed many successful contracts both large and small in these, and many different, sectors.

Our experience is supported by a constant focus on developing the standards of services we provide. We have invested in heavy-duty CNC machinery so that we are not totally dependent upon third-party suppliers for key components and ancillary items. Our manufacturing capabilities benefits our customers, for new projects requiring bespoke components, and for providing a fast response replacement items for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. That we are able to make many parts ourselves helps minimise potential shut down periods – and subsequent loss of production.

In 2012 we moved premises, which doubled the sizes of our storage and manufacturing capabilities. We now operate from a 10,000 sq. ft. facility conveniently situated between the M60 and M67 motorways east of Manchester. This provides us with easy access in all directions across the UK.

We use up-to-date plant and equipment and modern installation techniques to provide internal and external cladding with a variety of core materials including polystyrene, polyurethane and mineral wool. We also offer a wide range of finishes to suit all kinds of building designs.

Due to its excellent fire-resistant and insulation qualities, panels and doors with a mineral wool fibre core have attracted growing interest for food production facilities. P.H. Insulations has become a major installer of this type of panel, which is specified for non-combustible and fire-rated applications to meet, or exceed, the requirements of the building regulation and fire authorities; as well as the growing demand for higher safety specifications from insurance companies. The mineral wool core wall and ceiling panels we offer are able to maintain a fire resistance up to 4 hours for walls and 2 hours for ceilings.






Company background

Paul Howarth of P. H. Insulations Limited, has a wealth of experience gained during his long career in the cold store construction industry. He started his training in 1971 as an apprentice joiner manufacturing walk-in fridges and freezers, and window displays – mainly for installing into butchers’ shops and similar environments.

Back then fridges and freezers were constructed from timber frameworks filled with insulation material and covered with a food-safe covering. Also at that time larger chill and cold stores for fruit, veg and meat markets, were installed on site, and generally constructed again with a timber framework fixed within a conventionally building – say of brick or similar, to which a timber framework was fixed, which was then filled with insulation material to suit the application, before being covered with a foodsafe finish.

The major coldstore complexes for storage and distribution were constructed in a number of small chambers, as it was not possible with the technology then available to build the big distribution depots in single chamber of the size we have today. These were not possible until the advent of the composite panels we now use in the construction of large coldstores and food production facilities.

Paul Howarth continued his career and became expert in the methodology of composite panel construction. He progressed through various positions over subsequent years, becoming site manager, contracts manager, then the director of two different companies, before establishing the successful company that is P.H. Insulations Limited.

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