Temperature Controlled Environments

Temperature controlled environments of any size, for any temperature.

P. H. Insulations, designs, installs and maintains temperature controlled environments to almost any size and temperature specification. We are experienced on applications including chill and coldstores, fire-rated compartment walls, fire-rated oven enclosures and temperature controlled production areas – in all sizes from modular units to complete facilities.

Most food production facilities are now built or fitted out to offer temperature controlled environments. The ever stringent demands for hygiene mean that a significant proportion of our work involves retrofitting existing facilities to upgrade specifications, or to facilitate premises redesign.

Standard composite insulated panels are available in a range of core materials to meet different specifications for insulation-proofing and fire-resistance. We operate from a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and storage facility and stock a standard range of insulated panels and fittings. We also have advanced CNC manufacturing equipment that allows us to make bespoke components – for installations and for maintenance. This helps us ensure reliability by not having to depend upon external suppliers for deliveries. We are also able to deliver a fast response with bespoke items during planned or emergency maintenance – minimising downtime and maximising production.