Chill and Cold Rooms

Chill, coldrooms and coldstores for any size and temperature requirement

P.H. Insulations has the experience, resources and skills to manufacture and maintain chill and cold room facilities to meet all kinds of applications. Our chill and coldstores can be specified to any size and temperature to meet your requirement and the rigorous legislative demands upon the food and medical industries.

As cold room manufacturers, our expertise extends from large chill store complexes for fresh produce processing and packing, food processing areas, beverage manufacture, and medical and pharmaceutical production facilities; to walk in cold room modular units for butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets and delicatessens, also for farm-scale food production and packaging – such as dairy and cheese produce.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with CNC machinery used for making parts such as the flashing and trims needed for installation projects. Having a manufacturing capability delivers many benefits. Including:

  • We reduce dependence upon other suppliers – and possible late deliveries
  • We can respond quickly if a bespoke part needs to be made for an installation
  • We can fabricate items at short notice if they are needed for emergency or routine maintenance

For coldstores, chill and cold rooms that don’t require fire-retardant specification, we generally use standard composite insulation panels, such as polystyrene or polyurethane as the core material. If a fire-retardant material is specified, we offer a range of core materials, including PIR and mineral wool.

Gallery – Chill and Coldstores

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