Workshop and offices

We operate from a 5000ft2 workshop and offices, housing the latest CNC operated machinery for manufacturing the flashings and trims utilised in the installations we undertake.

We carry stocks of the most common steel sheet material for manufacture of flashings including white foodsafe laminate to match the panel surfaces, galvanised steel up to 2mm thickness for various channels and top hat strengtheners etc., stainless steel, colour coated steels and aluminium sheets normally used for protecting panels at low level. We also carry stocks of fixings, sealants, silicones, coving and angles so we are able to supply any of our sites within 24hrs, or less if necessary for emergency purposes.

We generally buy in the insulated panels and the majority of the doors we install, but do carry a small stock of insulated panels again for use in emergency situations or if any of our customers require works carrying out at short notice or during shutdown periods.

As we have this facility, we can quickly supply to site any materials which may be required urgently due to unforeseen circumstances, which means if this occurs whilst carrying out works during out of normal working hours, we have access to anything we require 24hrs a day, 7 days a week from stock delivered to site on our own transport, again as and when necessary at short notice. The obvious advantages of this are less down time on site whilst avoiding waiting for materials to be delivered from external sources, so ensuring continuity of works for us and following trades such as electricians and mechanical/refrigeration engineers etc.

We have a base of fully employed operatives, which are a mixture of skilled, semi-skilled and labourers and each site will have a supervisor appointed in charge of the works who is a trained and sensible operative capable of liasing with the customers appointed engineer/project manager.

Our Contracts Manager or myself visit any and all sites regularly and any large or particularly awkward projects have a full time Site Supervisor/Manager.

When very busy or have large contracts running, like most companies we supplement our labour force with labour only sub-contractors. As I have been in the industry for many years I have found that there are good and unfortunately bad sub-contractors and have been able to separate the good from the bad. We try where possible to use sub-contractors as supplementary labour only and place them on sites with our own employees although this may not always be possible.

We treat sub-contractors as if fully employed covered by our company insurance policies etc. and we provide all the Health & Safety documentation for them to work to, including the mandatory method statements and risk assessments and also set down the standard of quality they are expected to work to. As before our management regularly attends site and meetings to assess the works as they proceed, so sub-contractors are not left alone to carry out the works, which is when I have found the problems do occur.



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